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Monday, July 25

Mmm...Oh...Oh...Oh...Please don't stop...YES! YES! YES!!!

Found two new blog sites, thanks to the Peoria Pundit. Liked them so much that I added them to my blog roll. My attempts to link them worked on my very FIRST try, which is definitely a sign of divine intervention. The first, peoriacrackhouse.blogspot.com, shows homes where the author believes crack is being dealt. The second, shameonpeoria.blogspot.com, shows homes - rental properties mostly - that are a blight on the neighborhood. It also gives the address of where the owners actually reside and the name of the lender. Beautiful. Now that's what I call "citizen journalism."

I promise have nothing to do with either blog. I have no clue who the author and/or authors is/are. But I really, really like them. A LOT.

Of course, all properties, owners and occupants are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, should our beloved and hard working City and States Attorneys ever get around to prosecuting them.

Whoever did this should get a prize.

*lights cigarette*

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