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Wednesday, December 7


I just received a very informative e-mail that has incensed me beyond belief. Per a Judge's order, The City has posted signs at the Grandview Hotel stating that the property has been legally deemed a chronic nuisance and will be closing at 12:01 a.m. on December 14th. The City's post also advises guests to find other accommodations before that time.

Chase Ingersoll, an arrogant twit who thinks himself both witty and clever, posted his own signs next to The City's. Ingersoll's signs read: "No Worries. No closure. Appeal filed. Appeals take about one year. Enjoy your stay at the Grandview. Merry X-mas. Chase Ingersoll."

Even the disbarred Ingersoll must know that filing an appeal by no means guarantees that a closure won't take place. Judge Barra would have to stay his own order to close the hotel and Chase would have to post bond while the appeal is pending. Of course, as always, greater legal minds (and there are many) may disagree. For those of you on Chase's side and believe Ingersoll to be the injured party in this whole mess, remember, NOTHING IS CERTAIN WHEN IT COMES TO THE LEGAL SYSTEM. If justice was certain, and the law expedient, O.J. Simpson would be rotting in a prison cell at the moment instead of playing another round of golf in Malibu.

"So," you say, "What is the big deal? So these folks get evicted? There will be some social service agency out there to take displaced Grandview Guests in." Don't be so sure. My source says that the American Red Cross will not be picking up the slack should these thirty or so people be evicted into the freezing cold a few days before Christmas. Why? The American Red Cross is for disaster relief. Think fire, flood, hurricane, earthquake and so forth. Being conned out of your last dime by an arrogant wannabe lawyer/landlord apparently doesn't count. (In all fairness to the American Red Cross, if it had to pick up the slack and provide shelter for every financially irresponsible citizen in this country it would cease to exist as a relief agency after about five minutes.)

So you say, "Well, they can go to a homeless shelter, right?" Wrong. I am told that due to the extreme cold, shelters in the area are filled to capacity.

Ingersoll has convinced some Grandview residents that they have legal protection that may or may not exist. He has told them "not to worry." He has stated, in writing, there will be "no closure." Ingersoll's fall back should he be proven (once again) wrong? Blame the City. Blame the neighborhood.

Ingersoll has been afforded due process. He was put on the stand and cross examined. The Judge found Ingersoll was not the clear owner of the Hotel, and even if Ingersoll is able to prove just ownership at some point, the Hotel must still close. You can disagree with the Judge. It doesn't change the fact that Ingersoll feels he is apparently above the law, has the power to ignore a Judge's order, and if a few folks freeze to death under a bridge in Peoria (yes, it has happened here in the past) all so that Chase can "prove" himself right, so be it. Keep in mind, Ingersoll has filed a number of motions regarding the Grandview. Thus far, he has lost all of them.

Ingersoll is by no way an innocent party. He knew he was buying a Hotel that had been declared a nuisance and ordered to close. He was happy about it. He stated numerous times to the media that the City's legal pursuit and victory had allowed him to buy the property cheap.

The City, Neighborhood, and Judge are in an impossible situation. If the Hotel is not forced to close, the message to every single slumlord out there will be, "Don't worry about that silly chronic nuisance ordinance. If you are found guilty, just quick claim the property's deedt over to your wife, crack whore, dealer, or dope buddy and fill the joint with poor people in the middle of winter. No worries, Dude."

Seemingly this is all a game to Chase. Chase Ingersoll is trying to game the system. A commenter wrote that Ingersoll was going around City Hall yesterday with a Grinch doll calling City Manager Randy Oliver, "The Grinch who stole Christmas." Ha. Ha. Very clever. Your superior intellect astounds us all.

You want to sink your own ship, Chase? Fine. Take thirty or so folks who don't know any better down with you? In my view, that more than sucks. It is evil.

Merry Xmas, to you too, you stupid, arrogant ass.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the things Ingersoll has written on your blog and elsewhere. He's pretty well split in threes. He's either a real "Christian", a caring guy or a he's a rude but witty jokester or he's a threatening, venemous and potentially dangerous nut. Which is it? His wife and kids are probably happy he's spending time at the Grandview out of fear of who may show up for dinner each night.

You are absolutely correct on this and you state what I believe is the general concensus of most Peorians. I hope Barra and the City stand firm. I do feel sorry for the Grandview residents who fall for Ingersoll's crap. There have been far more intelligent and prepared individuals who lay in his wake of destruction, good people who believed in him and trusted him only to be used and injured in the end. I don't feel sorry for people I believe are aware and capable of seeing through Ingersoll and his nonsense but continuously lose credibility with their colleaques and in the public because they back or assist Ingersoll in his games. People like Gary Morris and Bill Dennis especially.

The city should forceably evict the residents of Grandview on the 14th and the Grinch tag and a dunce cap should go squarely where they belong . . . on Peter C. Ingersoll, President and CEO of the proudly named corporation of Disbarred Inc.

And as for Ingersoll's comments earlier on your blog about a poster being anonymous, just being around Peoria and knowing his history, what he has done and what he's capable of doing, why on earth would anyone want to give their information out to that nut.

Chase Ingersoll said...

You need to go and read the court record and read the statutes. Don't forget that this is Illinois where the powerful and former Illinois Governor is on trial for what...........and how many people like me did he screw along the way....even to the point of killing several children.

Oh yeah, and doesn't Peoria have another former "JUDGE" sitting in the department of corrections for........smoking crack and whoring.

And we have another felony public defender for about 300 felony trials who is now facing how many years for stealing $250k from an old lady.

Question for the two of you on this case:

1. Why should the people who have worked with the police department lose their residence? I thought this was America where we didn't punish innocent people.

2. When I inherited the hotel with about a dozen, long term occupants who had cooperated with the police and wanted Jain gone if I were to follow your logic, I should have booted them out by November. But they did not want to go and had not sufficient funds to get a place. I even offered them reduced costs at other houses that I lease, but they did not want to go to a neighborhood where they did not feel safe and not having furniture, or the ability to afford to turn on utilities, a vehicle or furnishings.....what sort of option was that for them.

You both can bitch at me all you like, but I have at least been working my ass off to get in front of a judge.....who would put me on as a witness but would not give me the due process of appearing as a party....probably because I had a MOTION TO RECUSE....sitting in the on-deck stack of motions I filed and being a bit of a control freak like Oliver, he did not want to lose his grip on the case.

The only reason VILLAGE IDIOTS like myself are involved in a situation like this is because the City didn't do a damn thing for anyone out there for 10 years, and then when they did, they screwed it up and only made it worse for the people who had the least to begin with.

Merry X-mas to all apologizers for the Grinch...let me know when you actually lift a finger to help one of the people out there. Or God forbid, go out there and actually deign to talk to some of them.

The only correct facts in your post is what my message said.

Stormin' Norman said...

"Evil Bastard" is the best you can come up with? I remember Mr. Laird, my high school English teacher at Spalding, telling his class that if you're going to call someone a name, be sure to make it as original as possible. His favorite was an "Arabian Camel Fucker". C'mon, bloggers, we can do better...

pollypeoria said...

I have talked to some of your guests, Chase. They are not all giving glowing reviews.

Even if you are right about this mess, and the system is screwing you left and right (and hell, could be true, it certainly has happened before) THAT DOES NOT EXCUSE YOU TO SIGN OTHERS UP TO BE SCREWED ALONG WITH YOU.

Chase, I appauld your a lot of chutzpah and the fact that you've cleaned up the hotel to a certain extent, but your latest tactic involving the guests is deplorable. If you've been placed on the Titanic (even unjustly placed on the Titanic by force) grabbing innocent hostages to go down with you is wrong.

I HAVE read the motions/decision. I don't think you have a case. Greater legal minds -such as yourself- may disagree. Nonetheless, considering your record with Barra, how can you continue to admit guests AND promise them that The City won't be bootkicking them to the curb on the 14th?

pollypeoria said...

Stormin' Norman - I will work harder to find a better, more apt title. How about self-centered, adolescent, dingleberry? (S.A.D)

Chase Ingersoll said...

When there is a colorable constitution question and a clear allegation that not one, but two statutes have been blatantly violated by the judge.....AND the City of Peoria has not offered ONE case or statute in contravention to those which I have placed on the record with the trial court

AND the balance of loss is that no material loss is suffered by the Plaintiff if execution is stayed, but Defendant-Appellant will suffer complete loss and have no remedy but his right to sue for damages, the Plaintiff, what are the odds that the appelate court is going to enter a stay. Having taken a case up to Ottawa before with due process issues and having had that scentence stayed and then overturned, sorry, but this is an even better case for being overturned on appeal than the contempt case I had against me.

By the same "leadership" rational, where leaders should not take other people down on their TITANTIC, if I am in fact right, the City of Peoria leaders are taking the taxpayer to the bottom of the Atlantic with the multiple civil right litigants and damages that will result if the City boots my guest out.

If I and my guest just waive the white flag and leave, then we don't have the same colorable damages as if the police come in and lay hold on our bodies and set us out.

The City has screwed hundreds of people over and has gotten away with it because people did not know the law and preserve their rights for litigation and appeal. City legal is spoiled in that they are given the benefit of bad decision. I on the other hand know that I am going to be scrutinized for any mistakes and castigated for even the smallest, so I have to be smarter, tougher, work harder and take risks that they don't have to take.

But no-one seem to want to answer the question for the Hardy's and others at the hotel who aided the police in the gathering of evidence and removal of the nuisance....why should they be punished by losing their home...for even a month? NO ONE WANTS TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION. GEE WHY....CAUSE THERE AINT A GOOD ANSWER, but that Chase is Randy's whipping boy and Randy Oliver is a BULLY who has stepped in it and is embarrassed by his mistake which he can't admit.

But here is where he is a real fucker.....he's holding women and the disabled hostage to throwing them out. This is no different from Saddam. And you can let him know that I said this.

prego man said...

... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Anonymous said...

Who's Chase kidding? I've been a Peorian all my life. When I grew to be..oh...about 18 I noticed a pattern with Mr. Ingersoll. "Anything to be a grand stander...anything to draw attention to myself...anything to screw with City Hall". I strongly doubt Chase was thinking about those poor souls in the Grandview when he BEGGED to "inheret" the dive. It was all about the man in the mirror...once again. It's an old, tired schtick, Chase. Get over yourself...everyone else has.


Anonymous said...

I'm pissed that the grandview situation is taking attention away from a City Council that should be taken to task for NOT finding funding for return of basic services (after freshmen council members used this as the cornerstone for their campaigns) , but continues to fund a Muni Band, GIS, Civic Center expansions, etc. The whole situation is a joke, but I don't hear alot of laughter (other than at John Morris' house).

pollypeoria said...

"But no-one seem to want to answer the question for the Hardy's and others at the hotel who aided the police in the gathering of evidence and removal of the nuisance....why should they be punished by losing their home...for even a month? NO ONE WANTS TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION. GEE WHY....CAUSE THERE AINT A GOOD ANSWER,"

This question has been answered NUMEROUS times Chase and you simple refuse to recoginize it. The property is a NUISANCE. Bad property. Bad. Bad. Bad. (Yes, we know, you think it is all better now. Greater legal minds disagree.)

The Court doesn't want people living at the BAD property. So, it gave Ms. Hardy and other guests plenty of time and notice to relocate.

We get it. YOU ARE RIGHT (AS ALWAYS), AND THEY (AS ALWAYS) ARE WRONG. Hell, you may even win your appeal, eventually. God Bless you if you do.

INFORMING GUESTS THAT A WIN IS A SURE THING, AND "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY" when it is very much in the realm of possibility that these guests could be hitting the cold pavement in a few days is wrong AND ALL YOUR FAULT, CHASE!!!

What steps, if any, are you taking to protect these pawns/guests in your continual quest to screw The City? What arrangements are you making for them should your statement that the closure won't take place be WRONG?!

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