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Wednesday, October 1

The Sexist Democrats and their Idiotic Choice for Vice President

Joe Biden is an idiot. Seriously. Biden makes Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar. Why are liberals so busy nitpicking Palin while their own choice for Vice President gets a pass for huge knowledge blunders? My guess is they are either sexist and/or bitter that Palin has taken the wind out of Obama's sails.

Whether or not you actually saw them, you have likely heard the non-stop criticism following Palin's interviews with Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric. It's all hot air of course, there were no huge blunders in either interview. All the criticism, from CNN to Saturday Night Live, is focused on Palin's style, accent, and appearance. What is lacking is commentary on the substance of her replies. Tina Fey's impression of Palin is brilliant. However, certainly even Fey would concede that a healthy economy does, in fact, depend on job creation and reigning in spending.

Why did SNL forgo the opportunity to focus on the stupidity of Biden, who lacks a basic command of U.S. history? In case you missed it, Katie Couric asked about the planned $700 billion bailout of Wall Street. Biden responded by showing off his knowledge of economics and The Great Depression.

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn't just talk about the princes of greed," Biden told Couric. "He said, 'Look, here's what happened.'"

The problem? FDR wasn't the president at the time and television had not yet been invented. Biden's interview would have made for a brilliant SNL skit, and should have been the focus of the press, but apparently Biden gets a pass for this blunder because he was focused on criticizing a commercial made by his own campaign. A commercial, by the way, that Biden had never bothered to watch. Biden has a long history of putting his foot in his mouth during his insufferable lengthy plagiarized speeches, and yet he and his hair plugs get a pass from media scrutiny. If Palin's nose is too shiny we are going to hear about it.

Have no doubt, women can most certainly be sexist. Especially if they are Democrats and/or are employed by media outlets.

Saturday, September 20

Oh Brother Can You Spare a Dime....

Or better yet 700 billion dollars? On my way to work Wednesday morning a 20 billion dollar bailout was being considered. As my lunch hour rolled around, NPR was talking 40 billion. During my commute home it was up to 60 billion. Friday it was up to 85 billion. This fine Saturday morning we are now up to a $700 BILLION bailout. Jeeze. Who is coming up with these numbers? It doesn't matter. I just balanced my checkbook. I ain't got it.

$700 BILLION?! Hell, why not just provide winning lotto numbers, pixie dust, a pony, and a rainbow to every American citizen?

My grandfather, a Great Depression survivor, keeps a lockbox of cash and gold coins underneath his bed and a loaded hand gun in his nightstand drawer. I've always thought it a quaint, naive, sad, and paranoid practice. After watching Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and industry giant AIG either bite the dust or require government intervention in order to avoid doing so, Grandpa's lockbox is looking like the most sound financial policy of them all. The beauty is in it's simplicity and the fact that Grandpa's plan is rooted in the rarest of all commodities: COMMON FRIGGIN' SENSE.

I'm disappointed that McCain's answer is more and bigger government. The financial market is collapsing. The answer? Another government agency. Not very Republican of McCain. Don't we have a few regulatory agencies that are suppose to be preventing this sort of massive downfall? SEC? FDIC? The Justice Department? On the other hand, Obama is far worse, his answer seems to be to completely take over and oversee the financial market. Might as well vote for Nader.

Huh. What everyone seems to agree upon is that this crisis was brought about by poor lending policies. Why not learn from our mistakes and apply minimal regulations at lower levels so that the whole thing doesn't super nova later down the line? Why not make a law stating that only X percent of a lending institution's loans can be high risk. Why not tell AIG that they can only insure only X percent of high loans? Why not tell loan officers that if they give loans to folks who have bad credit, no assets, and no job that they will be shot on site? Is anyone on Wall Street over the age of forty? Do any of them remember the savings and loan crisis of the 1980's?

Don't get me wrong, high risk mortgages have a place. People who scrap their way up from welfare to work, low income but responsible individuals starting a new business, bright students who come from poor households seeking a college education. As a taxpayer, these are high risk loans I'm willing to back.

I am not willing to subsidize some greedy fat cat who doesn't understand that a leveraged buyout is debt, pure and simple. I don't appreciate bailing out a company that was allow to grow so huge that as a society we cannot allow it to fail. Wall Street brats should understand capitalism. Seriously, if you graduate from Wharton Business school, shouldn't you know that as a player in the free market, failure is most certainly an option?

Future generations will likely be financing the biggest bailout since the Great Depression. Heads should roll. I look forward to seeing some indictments. In the meantime I'm off to Walmart to buy a lockbox and a gun.

Friday, August 29

Sarah Palin for Vice President. SWEEEEET!!!!

Polly is a happy camper. Very, very, VERY happy. McCain's running mate is an Alaskan whistle blower with a history of taking on big oil. She is a mother of five with one child soon heading off to Iraq, as well as an infant with Downs Syndrome. "I know he has an extra chromosome, but he looks perfect to me." She is committed to pro life and gun rights. She appears scandal free. All of this and she is young (44) and not from D.C. Talk about a fantasy candidate.

Yes, I know that Biden has a son headed to Iraq as well. Biden's son serves as a military lawyer and not as likely to see action.

I know this is not the first time a woman has been on a ticket, but frankly, Mondale and Geraldine Ferrero never had a chance.

No matter what, we will either have a black president or a female vice president.

It's enough to make a girl start blogging again.

Wednesday, January 2

Happy 2008!!!

I admit it. I've lost my taste for blogging. It was fun for a long time. I got a kick out of the comments, the mild publicity, the dim lime light. Eventually I came to the conclusion that there is no way to be anonymous and honest and write about the things I want to write about. Anyway, thanks for reading. I'm leaving Peoria Blogging to those who take it seriously and do it so much better than I ever could.

Friday, August 3

Yup. We have some crappy bridges of our own.

Today CNN reported that it would cost $461 billion to make all of the nation's bridges structurally sound. Sounds like an impossible sum of money unless you believe the often quoted dollar cost of the Iraq War- a mere $1 billion per day. So, if we just commit to minding our own business and not pissing off the rest of the world for a mere two years, we will not only have "won" the war on terrorism but we can stop holding our breath every time we cross the Illinois River. It would seem Peoria County has a few problematic bridges of its own. It maybe awhile before I visit Bartonville again...

D = deficient

O = obsolete

Bridges are rated and given scores between 1 and 100. 1 is really, really, really bad and 100 is stellar. (Apparently we have no stellar bridges here in Peoria, but take heart. Chicago has a few that were given a score of 2.)

To see the full report, go here.

Status:DRating:16.0 Road: 74 Place:BARTONVILLE County: PEORIA Feature: KICKAPOO CREEK Location:.5 MI E OF MCKINLEY

Status:ORating:93.5Road:74 Place:CONGERVILLE County:PEORIA Feature:CONGERVILLE ROAD Location:3.85 MI E OF ILL 117

Status:O Rating:78.3 Road:74 Place:PEORIA County:PEORIA Feature:UP RR (175624A Location:.25 MI W OF PEORIA

Status:O Rating:66.2 Road:74 Place: PEORIA County:PEORIA Feature:UP RR (175624A) Location: .25 MI W PEORIA

Status:D Rating:67.2 Road: 24 Place:PEORIA County:PEORIA Feature: BN & CNW RR Location: W CL OF PEORIA

Status: D Rating:71.8 Road:317 Place:PEORIA County:PEORIA Feature:WAR MEMORIAL DR Location: US 150 INTERCHANGE

Status:O Rating:81.9 Road:317 Place:PEORIA County: PEORIA Feature/Location: I-74 US 150 INTERCHANGE

Status:O Rating:88.0 Road: 474 Place: PEORIA County: PEORIA Feature:KICKAPOO CR & RR TKS Location: .25 MI S OF US 24

Status:D Rating:40.9 Road: 6595 Place:PEORIA County: PEORIA Feature/Location:DRY RUN CREEK N OF RICHMOND ST

Status:O Rating:57.2 Road: 6593 Place:PEORIA County:PEORIA Feature/Location:R B GARRETT AVE SBI 8 OVER FIFTH AVE

Status:D Rating:39.4 Road:29 Place: PEORIA Feature: IL RIVER TRIBUTARY Location: .1 MI S MOSSVILLE RD

Status:D Rating: 77.2 Road:6578 Place:PEORIA Feature:UP RR & KICKAPOO CR SW EDGE PEORIA CL

Status:D Rating: 44.4 Road: 6659 Place: PEORIA Location: KICKAPOO CR SBI 8 AND CH 77

Status:D Rating: 54.2 Road: 74 County: PEORIA Feature:KICKAPOO CR TRIB Location:0.2MI W KOERNER RD

Thursday, July 12

Philip Anderson, Peoria Heights Newest Loon

Geeze. Finally, mercifully, we dispose of Matt Hale into the dank jail cell where he belongs, only to have a pathetic wannabe spring up. While doing yardwork, I discovered the July 4th edition of the Peoria Times-Observer, "North Peoria's Newsweekly." I receive this paper sporadically. My guess is that my house isn't always considered "North" enough to deem delivery. Too bad, because I enjoy reading Dewayne Bartels' articles. Hey, Dewayne, your fine paper lacks a decent website. The Observer is delivered to most regardless of whether or not the recipient is a paid subscriber, so why not carry the weekly editions on line as well?

I digress. In last Wednesday's edition, Dewayne introduced Peoria's newest certifiable wack job, Philip Anderson. Anderson is the Illinois Leader of some odd Nazi organization, "The American National Socialist Worker's Party." Quite a title, one which gives Americans, Socialists and anyone who works for a living a bad name.

Bartels is a reporter. A good reporter goes straight to the source. Bartels went to Anderson's home to request an interview. The response? Predictable. The moron threatened Bartels, his wife, children and grandchildren online, going so far as to post addresses and contact information, essentially inviting those as stupid as Anderson -but hopefully more violent- to cause injury or harm upon Bartels and/or his family. You see, Anderson doesn't have the chutzpah to respond to a request for an interview. So he asked a national nut job and Nazi mentor to respond for him, via Bill White's blog, Overthrow88.blogspot.com.

Overthrow88.blogspot.com is a prime example of why anyone wanting to own a gun should have to submit to an I.Q. test. Bill White is an example of yet another bitter moron with a tremendous chip on his shoulder. This guy blames the quest for racial equality for all that has gone awry in his pathetic excuse of a life. Anderson and White. In this case, likes attract.

White and his blog are laughable, or would be, except for the fact that in the past such publications have inspired violent wack jobs to maim people or worse.

Dewayne, my sympathies to you and your family. No one deserves this.

Tuesday, July 3

How To Tell When A Public Official is Lying

Okay, yes, when their lips are moving. Specifically, when you read in your morning paper, "Officials said last month that the tax credit program is 'going well' without providing details," chances are excellent that your wallet has already been picked.

Peoria will have a museum, damn it, whether citizens are willing to pay for it or not. Don't want it, don't need it, won't use it, can't pay for it? Don't worry your pretty little head about it. That's just what taxes are for!

Museum pushers have been forced to temporarily fore go their demands for a reflecting pool and a planetarium that appears to be suspended in mid-air. Puhleeze, are they aiming for a museum or a second grader's science fair entry? Polly's prediction is that we will end up with some ugly monstrosity that looks appalling similar to the original plans, but due to unforeseen circumstances, a.k.a., lack of public interest and funds, runs over budget and will require a tax disguised as a garbage-gum-wrapper-and-snow-removal-library-book-cover-eyebrow-waxes-for-underprivileged-toddlers-fee.

They call it, "Plans for Museum Square" I call it, "Trailer Park at Night."

Saturday, June 30

Just Another Day In Paradise

Otherwise known as Peoria. The temperature is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. Apparently we paid our dues last winter. Have you checked out the sunsets the last couple of days? Wow! Hawaii doesn't have it any better. Believe it or not, no homicides this week.

So, the question is...

This is where I'm eating dinner tonight. After all, Coney dogs have no fat or calories in paradise. Afterwards, I'm getting a vanilla cone dipped in chocolate. Ice cream has calcium. Come on down, I'm buying! We can all gaze across the street at the new Starbucks and the lovely strip mall, er, I mean "neighborhood center" that Bob Manning built. I take back all negative comments I made, back when homes were bought and demolished and more than a few neighbors were ticked. Polly predicted vacancies and blight on the neighborhood. Polly was wrong. The Neighborhood Center/Strip Mwall is the swankest thing the East Bluff has seen in ages. Even more amazing, the City didn't have to bribe anyone with a TIF!!!

Friday, June 8

Even When I Don't Know What I'm Talking About...

I know what I'm talking about. I don't flatter myself that Jennifer Davis or Terri Bibo got the idea for today's front page article from my silly little post, but I am pleased to see the museum boondoggle come under fire.

Billy posts a rather cute picture of pigs at the trough, but I feel a bit more harsh. Checkout Big Yellow. My, she just gets bigger and greedier by the profitable quarter, doesn't she?

I have nothing against CAT wanting a feather to put in its cap, but I just think it should pay for its own feather. Asking employees and tax payers to pay for a CAT visitor's center is in poor taste, to say the least.

Hey, CAT! There are some companies that pay for educational museums which don't pay homage to the products they sell. Imagine that!

Wednesday, June 6

Try This One At Work Tomorrow

I dare you. Go into work tomorrow and inform your boss that you will only showing up to the office twice a month.

After that, inform him or her that s/he will have to limit all criticisms, critiques, concerns to five minutes or less and only after s/he gives apt notice and fills in a card.

See if that doesn't get your ass fired.

Maybe the Peoria City Council doesn't realize who they work for.

I realize most members of the Council have day jobs, but they knew the workload and schedule before running. Cutting Council Meetings to twice a month makes local government less accessible, which is unforgivable. Accessibility has been City Council's best attribute. Unless subpoenaed to testify before a Senate Committee, it's pretty damn difficult for an average Joe to get the floor and the undivided attention of their elected officials. I know that Council meetings often run long. I know some citizens are poorly informed and are horrid public speakers. Then again, so are some council members. Citizens (a.k.a. employers) have the right to grandstand if they want to. Public servants (a.k.a. employees) don't.

My guess? Someone's day job (travel schedule) and/or wife, is making Council duties difficult.

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